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August 12th, 2010

Form for Summary Publication

A summary of an ordinance amending Section 153.204 of the Gaylord City Code regarding regulation of Manufactured Homes and Manufactured Home Parks

1. The City Council has amended a lengthy ordinance regulating manufactured homes and manufactured home parks. The purpose of this summary is to inform the public of the intent and effect of the ordinance and to publish only a summary of the ordinance with the full ordinance being on file in the office of the City Administrator during regular office hours.

2. Section 153.204 of the City Code essentially as follows:

153.204(B)(3) Requires a conditional use permit for construction of a manufactured home park.

153.204(C)(1)(c) Requires manufactured home parks to have a separate area for single wide homes and double wide homes.

153.204(C)(2)(f) Requires that the area inclusive of manufactured home, off-street parking, accessory buildings and extensions of the manufactured home, shall not exceed 50% of the total area of the lot.

153.204(C)(2)(g) Requires that no building or structure erected or altered in a manufactured home park, shall exceed 25 feet or one and one half (1 1⁄2) stories in height.

153.204(C)(3)(b) Requires that all streets, park pads, and other parking areas be developed with a concrete or bituminous and shall be surfaced to a width of 36 feet from curb to curb when on-street parking is allowed.

153.204(C)(3)(f) Requires that all lots shall front only on interior roadways, that the interior roadways shall be paved and designed to provide adequate surface drainage, that all interior roadways shall be privatized streets maintained by the owner of the mobile home park or park manager, and that every grade of material, and mapping plan of internal park roadways within the park shall first be approved by the City Engineer prior to construction.

153.204(C)(4)(g) Requires that every structure in the park shall be developed and maintained in a safe, approved, and substantial manner.

153.204(C)(4)(h) Requires that portable fire extinguishers rated for electrical and liquid fires shall be kept in all service buildings and other locations conveniently and readily accessible for use by all occupants.

153.204(C)(4)(i) Requires the growth of brush, weeds and grass to be controlled.

153.204(C)(4)(j) Requires all homes manufactured before 6-14-1976 to have an inspection prior to installation or occupancy.

153.204(C)(4)(k) Requires any newly installed manufactured home older than 15 years from time of the building permit to have an inspection.

153.204(C)(4)(l) Requires all manufactured homes manufactured before 6-14-1976 to get a conditional use permit.

153.204(C)(4)(m) Requires a building permit before installation or occupancy of any manufactured home.

153.204(D)(3) Prohibits a recreational camping vehicle from being occupied as a residence or living quarters from December 1 through March 1 of each calendar year.

153.204(E)(6) Requires grounds, buildings, and structures to be maintained free of insects and rodent harborage and infestation.

153.204(E)(7) Requires parks to be maintained free of accumulation and debris.

153.204(E)(8) Requires storage areas to be maintained to prevent rodent harborage.

153.204(E)(9) Requires all exterior openings in or beneath any structure shall be appropriately screened with wire mesh or other suitable materials.

153.204(E)(10) Requires the growth of brush, weeds, and grass to be controlled to prevent harborage of ticks and other noxious rodents and insects.

153.204(E)(11) Requires every manufactured home lot to be permanently staked and numbered with permanent identification markers clearly visible from the street.

153.204(F)(6) Requires construction of proper park refuse storage, collection, and disposal areas.

153.204(F)(7) Requires each manufactured home lot to have an area set aside for storage and the manufactured home park owner to have a separate screened area for boats, trailers, and other equipment.

153.204(H) Sets criteria for inspections.

3. The City Council has determined that publication of the title and summary of the Manufactured Home Ordinance as set forth in this summary will clearly inform the public of the intention and effect of the ordinance. The Council also directs that only the title and this summary be published. A copy of the entire text of the ordinance shall be posted in the Gaylord City library.

Adopted by the Gaylord City Council on this 4th day of August, 2010.

Publish Aug. 12, 2010

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