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Engineers report street improvement project is “on schedule”

July 22nd, 2010

Street Project

Gaylord’s street and utility improvement project continued this week with work on Court Avenue which runs adjacent to the Sibley East school and the Sibley County Courthouse. Plans call for work in this area to be completed the week before school is back in session.

Despite a soggy month of June, Gaylord’s street and utility improvement project is progressing as planned.

Work is “on schedule” or maybe even a little ahead of the projected timeline, according to project manager Justin Black of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH).

Contractor Chard Tiling & Excavating began working on streets west of T.H. 22 approximately two months ago. The first layer of bituminous surfacing was recently placed on these streets. To allow for settling during a frost/freeze cycle, the final layer of bituminous will be put on next year.

Black reported that sodding operations will begin on project areas west of T.H. 22 as soon as weather permits. The contractor will water the new sod for three weeks after it has been placed, according to SEH. To ensure the sod will grow and look its best, SEH encourages property owners to assist in watering efforts if possible.

According to a project update letter distributed last week by SEH, utility replacement work continues on Court Avenue and Cleveland Street. This work may be completed by the end of this week, Black reported.

Reconstruction on Elm Avenue (from Ninth Street to Seventh Street) and High Avenue (from Tenth Street to T.H. 22) is tentatively scheduled to begin later this month or in early August. Work on Linden Avenue is scheduled to begin in approximately one month, according to SEH.

Black said there are two completion dates being targeted. Court Avenue, which is adjacent to Sibley East’s Gaylord campus and the Sibley County Courthouse, is scheduled to be done by Friday, September 3rd. Other areas in the project are scheduled to be substantially completed by October 29th.

Chard Tiling & Excavating, in April, submitted a low bid of $2,025,441 for the project. That is approximately $500,000 less than what engineer’s estimated for the work.

Streets included in Gaylord’s 2010 street and utility improvement project include:

• Linden Avenue from Eighth Street to TH 22 (Sixth Street);

• Park Avenue from Eighth Street to TH 22 (Sixth Street);

• Court Avenue from Eighth Street to TH 22 (Sixth Street), and from TH 22 (Sixth Street) to Third Street;

• Seventh Street from Linden Avenue to Elm Avenue;

• Cleveland Avenue from Park Avenue to Court Avenue;

• West half of Third Street from Court Avenue to Jefferson Avenue;

• Elm Avenue (from Ninth Street to Seventh Street);

• High Avenue (from Tenth Street to T.H. 22)

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