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Hot fun in the city

July 8th, 2010

…is a line from a song and….on the north side of town…..see us at your ever-cool Gaylord Pool for relief from all this heat! We are here for you daily!

We open our doors on the weekdays bright and early at 6 a.m. for adults, and, wow, have they ever been coming — thus proving that the Gaylord Pool is NOT for kids only

But yet we love our kids and want the best for them, like to know how to swim! And so, parents in record numbers have been calling us at 1-507-237-2266 to sign their children up to take lessons with us! “NEWbies” is still my favorite new word this summer, and right now, we have at least 150 NEWbies taking lessons with us! Incredible! Keep our phone ringing.

In this land of 10,000 lakes, every one should know how to swim! This includes adults. Those who are gutsy enough to admit to us that they would like the chance to learn, are also now having a lesson or two set up with one of our pool’s Water Safety instructors. Do you need to sign yourself up too?

Session #1 of our lesson program wraps up on this Wednesday, July 7th. Then we turn right around and on Thursday, July 8th (through the 23rd), we begin our 2nd session of swimming lessons! Session #3′s dates will be July 26 thru August 10th.

“YES,” we have a lot of registrations! “NO,” we are not filled up yet. “YES,” we still have room for your children! Call us today and we can tell you the times that are still available.

We want your aluminum cans in our can trailer. Just last week, Lynn Turbett brought a bunch of cans down and added them to our trailer. To him and everyone else who helps us get internet access for our new pool next summer by doing this, we say THANKS to you!

With Gaylord’s EGGstravaganza fast approaching the second full weekend of August, it is now time for pool show practices to begin for this summer’s big show on Thursday, August 12th! Sign-up in the pool office this week. Next week we will begin practices. We only have about four weeks until SHOW TIME!

This will crack you all up, but should come as no YOLK to you all: This weekend as part of the Chamber EGG committee, I hid the GOLDEN EGG and its 11 “co-eggs”….so to speak. Coming soon, will be my clues! Can you figure out where I am trying to get you to look and find those eggs? It is so much fun to watch all you wrack your brains over my clues and try to figure out what I want you to do! Have fun!

We have the next three weekends to enjoy ball games over at Walsh Field…this weekend starting on Thursday night, the Islanders are co-hosting (along with Arlington) their 4 day tournament. Then come the following 2 weekends, Gaylord will be hosting the LEGION District Baseball tournament at Walsh Field so plan now to take in a ball game and to also come for a swim. Look us over as you drive by. The staff has the pool and the gardens looking mighty fine these days! Enjoy the view!

Remember that the weekend of July 16-17-18 is PIG. (Party in Gaylord) Narcotics Anonymous will be hosting this event out at the Pow Wow grounds.

Also mark your calendars for Saturday morning, July 24th as the Gaylord Guppies will be hosting their first ever HOME swim team meet right here, at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

Suit up and join us! Let the good times roll on the north side of town….Gaylord style!

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