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A POOLSIDE RANSOM is being offered:

June 17th, 2010

For the return of summer-like weather!

Oh, my gosh, all these rainy, cool days are crazy! First, I tell you that you all need a swimsuit and sunscreen and then… WALA, we have a week of parka weather! Sorry my friends, but this too, will soon come to an end! Summer officially arrives next Monday (June 21st at 6:28 a.m.); we all NEED to greet this most welcome arrival and enjoy its presence!

True to Gaylord Pool form, lesson registrations continue to come in daily! Please join us this summer as we take swimming lessons right here at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool! Call us at 1-507-237-2266 and we will get your children registered! Yes, we have lots of children registered! NO, we are not filled up yet! Yes, we want you.

Once we get started, we will be pickle packing full of exuberant lesson participants and talented swimming instructors who are so wanting to share all that they know!

Yup, this is Father’s Day weekend, and nope, the XWINOS this year are not here. They are partying in Dalbo for their 32nd annual Turkey Roast weekend. Don’t ask me why!

But anyway, we are still anticipating a great weekend as this Friday night is the annual RELAY FOR LIFE in the Gaylord City Park. Please come on down and partake of this day-into-the-night event as next year this event will be moving out of town too! (Relax, we are just starting a rotation of the towns—one year us, then Winthrop, then Arlington, then back to our town, etc. )

This year’s RELAY FOR LIFE event starts at 12 noon on this Friday, June 18th and continues right through until midnight!

Come and CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, FIGHT BACK for a great cause!\Our pool will be open to the public until 12:30 a.m. on the 19th! Admission fees will go to the Cancer Society and everyone who joins our FRIDAY NIGHT swim for a cure automatically becomes a member of our team, the MIDNIGHT SKINNY DIPPERS!

The date for Gaylord’s second annual POOLSIDE Triathlon event has now been set. Our fun event will be held on Sunday morning, August 15th starting at our pool at 10 a.m. with the swimming portion of this 3-part event.

It is now time to round up your team of three to compete. One person must swim 20 laps non-stop in our pool, then the second member of your team must bike 13 miles out past the POW WOW grounds and back, and then the third member of your team must be ready to run/walk/sprint our three mile route! Last summer, Steve Agre’s family won this event! But my bet is that Gaylord has teams of three that can give this group a run for their money, don’t you agree? Call us for more details and get your team signed up today!

Our SERTOMA aluminum can recycling container has now been emptied and awaits your addition of cans! We will put all the proceeds towards getting Internet access at our pool starting next summer. Help us move into the 21st century with this technology. Bring us your cans! Like Sertoma says, “TOGETHER we can-do our future!”

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