Statewide Adverstising

This summer at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

June 10th, 2010

The view from our pool is that it seems like EVERYONE wants to learn to swim and/or learn to swim better, and they want to do it this summer at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

“NEW-BIES” is my new favorite made-up word, and among our lesson registrants so far, we have over 80 children who have NEVER taken lessons with us before!

They are coming from here and there, and so it seems EVERYWHERE! My list of familiar towns like Lafayette, Nicollet, St. Peter, Le Sueur, Henderson, New Auburn, Gibbon, Glencoe, Arlington has new zip codes to remember….Hector, Hutchinson, Fairfax, Stewart, Belle Plaine, Carver….oh, this news excites me and I am sure I am forgetting someone’s town, but not on purpose!

THE PURPOSE is to learn to swim and here at the Gaylord Pool, this is just what we are going to be doing all summer long! Join us! Seems like everyone realizes how important knowing how to swim is! We are all going to be so ready to use the new Gaylord Area Aquatic Center come next summer! Whoa….yes!

Please join our fun in learning the fundamentals of swimming. Give us a call at 1-507-237-2266 and we will get you all set up!

“Rise and Shine and MOVE it” begins this Wednesday, June 9th. This is the best time for adults to come and use our pool…all by themselves.. The doors open at 6 a.m. on week-days for fitness and fun…for adults only! We swim laps, water walk, do my LEAN AND MEAN work-out, etc. So rise and shine and decide to join us.

Working out with us on a regular basis will put YOU above the national average. According to national statistics, only 37% of all adults over 26 years of age get the recommended 30 plus minutes a day of regular, consistent aerobic exercise. Stretching and strength training needs to be added to this regimen for all of us. So, why not SUIT up and get it all with us at the GAYLORD POOL this summer!

What’s not to love about a water work-out? YOU only weigh 1/4 of what you weigh on land—to the relief of your knees and ankles and other joints. Plus, MOVING under the water gives you two times the work-out; so skip the weight machines this summer and try us! Our pool offers three work-outs each week-day….6:20 a.m., 12:10 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. All work-outs last for 50-60 minutes and can be done by EVERYONE!

So commit this summer to get in better shape, and do it with us! We are also having a couple of Saturday morning work-outs also. Call and we will tell you when the next Saturday morning work-out is.

The Gaylord Girl Scouts Swim Team will begin practices at our pool on Monday morning, June 14. Practices are held on Mon-Wed.-Fri. from 8 to 9 a.m. Please call Jodi Sprandel at 507-237-2334 if your daughter would like to join this team. It’s good to know that to be on this team, you do not have to be a GIRL SCOUT member! So consider joining our team. We are going to be hosting our first HOME meet ever here at the Gaylord Pool on Saturday morning, July 24th! Come and watch!

Quality FAMILY TIME is often a rare premium for parents and their children during the busy summer months, but we at the Gaylord Pool want to offer you some really quality time for families. Come to FAMILY SWIM and get in with your children and play….interact….make some memories….work-out while playing!

A SPECIAL Family Swim time is offered each and every day of the week, so come and join us! We are your pool and we are here for you! Take advantage of all that the ever-cool Gaylord Pool has to offer YOU!

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