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Ah, it is “transition week”…

June 3rd, 2010

…the week during which we switch gears from our schools to OUR pool, the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

Are you as excited about the summer just ahead as I am?

Opening Day will be on Monday, June 7th. We will open early on this day at 12:31 p.m So come early and stay late! This to all of us, would be really great! (and wear your sunscreen please!)

Adults, our EARLY RISER class officially begins next Wednesday, bright and early starting at 6 a.m. (Wednesday, June 9th) Plan now to come and join us. Lean and Mean will be on the scene starting at 6:20 a.m. and you can also do laps, water walk, and just plan hang out in the 12′ area. Come and join us, as we show everyone who strolls by at this early hour, why the GAYLORD POOL is NOT for kids only!

Swimming lesson registrations have begun and the fun is going to be massive this year! Already we have over 40 “newbies” (children who have NEVER taken lessons with us) registered! How cool!

I have just a super staff of teachers waiting to start “sharing all that they know” and start to “pay it back” (as I say) for all those years, that their very own parents have brought them to our pool to learn how to swim and then in subsequent years, how to swim better! Swimming is a life-long skill—one that no one will ever regret knowing how to do! Get your children signed up soon, and do it with us!

We are busy planning for our new aquatic center, which we plan to have done and ready to use come the summer of 2011 already! Yup, that is right; come this fall, there will be more than just colored leaves falling in our park, as we tear down (tears…just a tad) and start the re-building of our pools, in the form of a brand new facility! When you are here, do not hesitate to ask us about it! As soon as we have plans, we will show them to you! It is going to be an amazing journey from here to there. Like the pool’s theme for 2011 already says, “We VOW to WOW you in 2011”. Stay tuned for more.

On Tuesday morning, I was at SERTOMA’s 7 a.m. breakfast meeting. This group came into being the year I started at the pool and for 26 summers, they have financially, emotionally and physically (we have asked them to roll up their sleeves and help with many a needed project over the years) supported our pool. This is their 27th year of supporting our lesson program and once again, we are teaming up!

The fee for swimming lessons is $43.00; parents we ask you to pay the $ 40.00 and Sertoma will pay the other $3.00. See, now you know why, when this group is selling TACOS uptown, we all need to come around!

With SERTOMA’s help and yours, we “CAN do” our future! How? What do I mean by this? Please bring your aluminum cans to our can container at the edge of our parking lot. All proceeds from the collection of cans this summer will be earmarked for getting us Internet access here at the Gaylord Pool starting next spring when our new facility opens! So please contribute and bring us your cans!

Now to help everyone get on board for knowing the latest about our plans for our new facility, the GAYLORD POOL has gone high-tech! We have our own FACEBOOK page! Please check it out…just go to FACEBOOK and put in the GAYLORD POOL. Double click the “group” site with our pool logo and wa-la, you now can talk to us and tell us what you are thinking! Please share with all of us what you want to know about the Gaylord Pool. I will try to keep adding notes nightly so…..please check us out! By next spring, this should be just another way to know the latest on the Gaylord Pool!

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