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Here comes the Memorial Day weekend

May 27th, 2010

So I ask, “Do you know where your swimsuit is?” This is the weekend during which we unofficially start the summer of 2010…so get in gear! You will need a swimsuit if you want to swim here!

I say this light heartedly cuz’ really this weekend is all about honoring our fallen heroes and remembering those who are still defending our freedoms in all parts of the world. When “our boys” came back from Iraq three summers ago, as they passed by the pool in those caravans, I realized that they too were almost all Gaylord Pool swimmers! So everyone, do take time out from your weekend plans, to attend Memorial Day services someplace.

We have the right to spend this weekend with our families and friends, because brave people have stepped up and stood firmly for all that the RED, WHITE and BLUE stands for!

I will be attending the services in our park by the Veteran’s Memorial on Monday morning. Maybe I will see you there, huh?

Now…onto the news from the view “POOLSIDE” at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool. Copies of our YOUR POOLSIDE VIEW PAMPHLET have gone into the mail for all those folks from out of town who took lessons with us in last year. Now stacks of them and our signature kites are making their way to area businesses, where you too can get a copy and know about the fabulous summer of fun, and good times that we are planning for all of us to enjoy at the Gaylord Pool!

This little brochure is “packed” full of a lot of information…so do take the time to get one and look it over! How can you participate in the many events, special activities and programs being planned for this summer here at the Gaylord Pool?

It’s the Memorial Day weekend and I will be around the pool all weekend so if you have a question, stop by or give me a call at the pool….1-507-237-2266. We are here because so many of YOU use the Gaylord Pool (and love this place) so we want your questions answered!

Schools are getting out, the SUMMER of 2010 at the Gaylord Pool will soon be here! Please come and join us, during this our SWAN SONG SEASON in the sun! We have 76 possible days to enjoy this place yet….it’s my sure bet, that we can make some more awesome memories down here, before the sun sets on this, our final summer at this facility!

But just remember, the “YES” vote, gave us the possibility for a new vision. Stay tuned, and soon, all of you will be able to see just what that vision is and how YOU can use your PLACE in the SUN to help us all make this vision become a reality!

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!

Remember….when you LOVE somebody, it comes “across”. Buckle up when you drive this weekend…..and always! We want you to arrive here ready to swim on Monday, June 7th when we open!

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