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To the Editor:

April 22nd, 2010

I hope that the residents of Gaylord are smarter than what Mr. Dale Roiger thinks they are. At no time did I have a conversation with Mr. Roiger and Mr. Webster together about taping the city council members. They had tried to tape the council members during the time when the city was exploring possible cost savings and police coverage by checking what the County Sheriff had to offer. He was worried about losing his job. The facts of my conversation that I had alone with Mr. Roiger are as follows:

I was researching some work at city hall when it was in the old clinic building, the same building the police department was in. I was sitting at the front desk and Mr. Roiger came and threw a tablet and pencil on the desk in front of me and told me he wanted the dates and times of all of the meetings that took place with council members in the chamber office because he was going to turn them in to the League of Municipalities for illegal meetings. I told him I wouldn’t do that because I had no proof that any of the meetings were illegal. They didn’t hide their meetings because they took place in front of a 5 foot by 10 foot glass window. I told him he would need more evidence than that so I told him to consult with the city attorney to see how he could legally obtain evidence against them if that was what he was looking for. I told him I would have nothing to do with his project because I had no evidence against them. I told him he may have to tape the members in order to get the kind of evidence he needed but that he should first check with the city attorney about the legalities of this.

The Carver County Attorney investigating Mr. Roiger told me that I did the absolute right thing. When I told Mr. Roiger about maybe having to tape the council, he told me that they had already tried that. He told me that they had to borrow a recorder from the Glencoe Police department because his wasn’t working well and didn’t have a voice activated recording system that he needed. He told me that they only got the recording of Pat Pinske’s answering machine and some street traffic noise.

These facts must be true because he was found guilty in court of the charges against him. Evidently he is putting out these statements so you feel sorry for him. DON’T. We had to re-key our entire office with new locks and keys because he can no longer be trusted.

Avery Grochow

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