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To the Editor:

April 1st, 2010

When questioned by Sibley County Commissioner Jim Swanson on the process of how an inspector was to be hired, Dave Schauer the County Attorney, had stated at a Commissioners meeting that historically with professional service contracts, such as hiring of an inspector, the board of commissioners rely on the department head to seek applicants and present a recommendation to the board.

The board of commissioners with full knowledge of what has happened in the past with Jeff Majeski’s recommendations of septic inspectors and Dave Schauer’s involvement regarding the septic program should have been more involved in the pre decision process before it was brought to a vote by the commissioners. Our Commissioners need to take the time to see if the process can be changed to make it better and not rely on the recommendations of a department head that seems to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results.

I personally do not know the new inspector (Bob Billiot) hired by Sibley County and think that he is just caught up in the situation of it all. However, he does bring a bad taste in your mouth, not necessarily because of who he is but what he has been asked to do not only now but in the past.

Dave Schauer and Jeff Majeski had problems with Al Odenthal on how he was handling his septic system installations. The new inspector that Jeff Majeski picked (Bob Billiot) was also the same inspector that Dave Schauer talked into writing up mediation plans for the seven septic systems that Al Odenthal had installed several years back. The mediation plan was a farce at best, however as directed by Dave Schauer, Al Odenthal had to pay Bob Billiot approximately $1,000.00 for his work. These mediation plans that were written up appeared to be no more than a personal agenda and harassment towards Al Odenthal. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency came out to the seven septic systems in questioned and in short, said they were fine. There was a lot of controversy over seven septic systems and Al Odenthal ended up spending time in jail for contempt of court. Obviously this is the short version of what had happened. But isn’t it ironic that Jeff Majeski and Dave Schauer appeared to have teamed up and presented Bob Billiot as a new Sibley County inspector just to keep the fires burning. I am not saying there is anything behind this but it sure appears to be a grey area that should have been addressed. This all hits home with me because I was one of the seven septic systems in questioned. With the changes that have been made to the septic program, will the wasting of your hard earned money stop here or are you in for more of the same?

If a department struggles in making the right decisions for the people of Sibley County then it should be up to the Commissioners to help and make sure the right decisions are being made or make the changes needed to get the right decisions.

Steve Gillaspie
Green Isle Township

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