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To the Editor:

March 18th, 2010

I would like to commend the pool task force for their grand vision of what the Gaylord pool could become. We have the opportunity to vote YES for something we can truly be proud of: a facility that will benefit our city in many ways.

Many of us have observed that there are fewer kids outside playing. This sedentary lifestyle has led to the serious struggle we are having with childhood obesity and their long term health costs. The new pool would inspire more of our children (and adults) to stay active during the summer in a positive environment.

There are also many economic benefits of building a new pool and doing it now. People are eager to work in this economy, and we are in an enviable position to save money on construction costs. We will also benefit when the pool draws people to our town. And they will come. They will spend money to use our pool, shop in our stores, and eat in our restaurants.

In addition, don’t discount the teen jobs to be created. Within the last year, Time magazine had a feature on the lack of jobs for teens and the negative effect on our economy. Teens spend money, and they will spend much of that money in our town.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a cost is “a loss or penalty incurred.” This is not true of our new pool. I prefer the term “invest” which means “to make use of for future benefits or advantages.” The new pool is definitely an investment in our community; our young people (both their health and employment), our economy, and our civic pride will all benefit, and our town will have an advantage.

Please vote YES for this fantastic opportunity to invest in Gaylord’s future.

Chip Wolverton

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