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To the Editor:

March 18th, 2010

Yes, I’m going to vote yes for the Aquatic Center.

I’ve been a taxpayer in this county and city for many years. I well remember the building of the present pool. My late husband, Curtis, worked feverishly with other volunteers and we were farmers at that time. The volunteers went door to door seeking ftmds and donations for articles to sell at auctions and many other promotional efforts.

Yes, it was a risk then and now as well. But look what it has done for our city. There must be a reason 700-800 kids and adults come for lessons from the area—infants to grandparents use the pool and I speak for myself who uses it regularly every summer.

Stop and take a look; the Aquatic Center would attract visitors and keep them coming to Gaylord.

Get informed! A risk was taken 45 years ago. It has worked. Lets not let our kids down. Keep them happy in the pool and out of trouble! Keep our city alive and growing!

Ruby Peterson

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