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To the Editor:

March 18th, 2010

Gaylord has been our home since 1967. During those years, we raised our family, purchased two homes, supported our local businesses, and have been active in the community. And, through all those years, there was… “the pool!” When we came to Gaylord the local pool was only a few years old, but we heard about the struggle and perseverance of community members who provided the swimming pool, which became a focal point of our family’s summers.

It was there that we gathered with other families while our children learned not only to swim, but to share with and respect others, to cooperate, and to comply with rules. It is the pool that is the setting for some of our now-grown children’s favorite memories; and it was at the pool that they learned to know “kids” of varying age levels and to appreciate friendships which have lasted far beyond their teenage years.

But it is not only youngsters who would miss our pool. Scores of adults, both young and old, look forward to the physical activities and social interactions that the Gaylord pool provides with its welcoming intergenerational atmosphere.

We thank those people, many of whom are no longer with us, who were foresighted enough to plan for the Gaylord area’s future citizens. Now, it is our turn to make a difference for the coming four or five decades. Let’s DO IT! Let’s “pay it forward” without concern for what the new Aquatic Center will benefit each of us alone, but for all of us together, and for the generations to come!!

Vote YES at the special election on March 30.

Roger and Ann Bruellman

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