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Support for a New Pool

March 3rd, 2010

When I first saw the plans for the new aquatic center, I thought, “Wow, that seems like a bit much.” But after speaking with a member of the pool task force, I have changed my mind.

There is no doubt in my mind, we need a new pool. The state says our pool doesn’t meet basic standards for a public pool. We need to spend $1.5 million to just meet codes.
I understand the concerns about the cost of the new plan, but I think it is a worthwhile investment.

Healthy kids and healthy communities are important!

Nearly every day, I see or read another news story about the issue of obesity in America.   Our sedentary lifestyle is killing us softly.

For years, the Gaylord Pool has been a source for summer fitness. Anyone from age 1 to 100 can benefit from the programs at the pool. (No excuses that it is too hot to exercise!)
The pool may only be open for 12 weeks, but we make the most of those weeks. If you doubt me, talk to the men and women who are at the Gaylord Pool at 6 a.m. swimming and water walking as the fog rises off the water.

For the last two summers, I have joined other brave souls who get up at dawn and head to the pool for early morning laps or water aerobics. Some of these folks are teens, some are grandparents. Like me, some have health issues that make traditional land exercise difficult if not impossible. Some are there because early morning exercise fits their schedule. We are all there because the pool helps us enjoy healthier lives.

Our pool facility, like all our lives, needs room for exercise, learning and play.

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