Statewide Adverstising

To the Editor:

February 25th, 2010

PROUD. How can one not be proud of the way Sibley East’s wrestling team performed at the Section 4A team wrestling tournament! They showed such determination and courage as each wrester stepped in to do their part. This had been a season of injuries and illnesses, which is always hard to overcome, but others step in and step-it-up to show who and what they are—a team that wrestles with heart!

What a great 17-4 season you’ve given this community! Thanks for all your efforts and determination. Also thank you to our outstanding captains and the rest of the seniors for the great leadership you’ve shown. Good luck to each wrestler in the individual tournaments ahead of you. Continue to give your best to each other, to your parents and to this community, and be proud!

In pride & respect,
Janet Tollefson

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