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Time to Book It

February 3rd, 2010

February is, among other things, “I Love to Read” month. Take some time this month to read with someone you love.

When my children were pre-school aged, we attended ECFE classes together. It was at these classes that I was told about the importance of reading to children. Children who are read to regularly started school with a markedly higher vocabulary.

I was especially nervous about my children becoming good readers, because I struggled with reading. I love to read, but I am not a fast reader.
Fortunately,  most children’s books have big print and small words. Even I can read them easily!

Even now that my children are older, I read to my children each night. Currently, I am reading “Pugsley,” a book about a pug puppy to my youngest child. My second grader and I are reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “The Long Winter.” The second Hardy Boys book, “The House on the Cliff” is the latest selection of my fourth grader. The most recent book my sixth grader chose is “A Picture of Dorian Gray,” but he’s not sure he likes it. We’re looking into some other options.

I admit after reading a half hour to each child, I don’t have much time to read to myself, but it is so fun to read to them. I get to re-live childhood moments with familiar stories like the Little House books and discover new adventures—like when we read Harry Potter. (The series took us exactly one year to the day to finish!)

After we finished the first Hardy Boys book, I told my son I now understand why my brother and sister were driven to read all the Hardy Boys mysteries.
The cold weather we are having is a great excuse to stay indoors and read!

If you can’t afford to buy books, borrow them from a library. The Gaylord Public Library has a new Web site, complete with an online catalog. It can be found at

If books aren’t what you like, read a magazine, a newspaper or the side of a cereal box.
Get ready, get set, read!

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