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Instant Christmas letter

December 9th, 2009

I haven’t written my Christmas letter to friends and family yet. So for those of you who have not finished your letters either, I would like to help. Here it is: a fill-in-the-blank letter. Just cut it out, fill it out and send it out!

Dear Friends and Family,

My how time flies! Why it seems like only yesterday it was ________ . All is well here in ____________ .
In ______________ we took a family trip to _____________. We took lots of pictures and got _________ as you can see from the enclosed photo greeting card.
The children are growing like weeds. They are all at the top of their classes and are the star of the stage/court/mat/ field/track. Feel free to stop in a view our video library of their events and admire the trophies in our case.
We are blessed to still have jobs when so many are struggling. _________ has  been at his/her job for ________ years now.
Of course, we suffered some loss this year and said goodbye to _______________. But we know he/she is in a better place.
You will be delighted to learn that _________will be _________ in ___________. How exciting that will be!

Wishing you all the peace, happiness and joy of the season and blessing for 2010!

Love, ____________________________

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