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Fall hunting has begun

October 13th, 2009

I posted on Facebook Tuesday morning that I didn’t have a column ready for this week’s paper and deadline was closing in on me. My fellow Warroad High School alum, Shawn Lockrem suggested the “pheasant opener” would be a great topic. It is a great topic, but I know nothing about pheasant hunting.

For those who love to hunt, Minnesota seems to be the place to be. According to the Minnesota tourism Web site,, “Minnesota boasts almost 10 million acres of public hunting land, which is open to small game hunting, waterfowl hunting, pheasant and grouse hunting and Minnesota deer hunting during our hunting seasons.”

My brother and dad used to hunt, but I never joined them.

I am a wimp. I don’t deal with meat until someone else has killed and cleaned it. If the world as I know it came to an end and I suddenly had to grow and shoot my own food, I would be in BIG TROUBLE. I would starve. (Luckily, I have saved some extra fat to keep me going for a while.)

Since, I am not a hunter, I can only guess at what the appeal is. It is refreshing and fun to be outdoors in the clean, open air. I am sure that is part of the appeal. Hunters also seem to enjoy the chance to commune with nature and their fellow hunters and faithful canine companions.

More than anything, is probably a sense of pride in knowing that you are able to obtain food without being asked, “You want fries with that?”

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