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High Island Lake may take two years for level to come up

September 10th, 2009

It may take two years for the water level to be “normal” after the drawdown at High Island Lake in New Auburn.

Robb Collett of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources gave a report to the County Board of Commissioners last month on the progress of the drawdown.

Collett described the drawdown as a “citizen-driven process” because of poor water quality and limited recreational use.

It is planned to utilize the lake as a walleye rearing pond.

As part of the drawdown, the goal is to increase submerged vegetation to improve water clarity, fish, waterfowl and invertebrate abundance, and to improve water quality for improved recreational use.

The drawdown, which started last fall, is taking longer than expected. The goal is to have the lake level even with the sill.

Aerial photos of the lake shown to the commissioners show a band of vegetation protecting the lake’s shore.

Although some members of the community would like to have the ditch flowing into the lake cleaned out, Collett said that “you don’t want to change what had been proposed to do.” He said that he didn’t believe cleaning the ditch would help with the drawdown.

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