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And then it was BACK-to-TIME!

September 10th, 2009

The summer of 2009 did not end with a slow whine but went out with a big BANG! Labor Day we closed our door at 4 p.m. for the summer! Here I was getting ready to clean the SUITE SEATS after the Championship Class C State Amateur Baseball game, when my cell phone rang. “Can you (me) get back to the pool ASAP???” There were a lot of folks there to swim at our pool — one more time for the summer of 2009! When I arrived, Sonja and Abby were out guarding and Abby’s mom Denise was working the office! Wow, like I said, we went out with a bang and a few renditions of Donna Summer’s Last Dance just before we closed our door! Yup, thanks for all the memories! This was a summer of never-to-be-forgotten moments and days, starting with not getting open until June 12th!

But as the days progressed, the Gaylord Pool Staff “pooled” our talents and rallied together to make this summer a BLOOMING SUCCESS! Drive by and check out all our pool flower beds; see if you don’t agree!

So if a fallen leaf is nothing more than summer waving good-bye, I saw summer “leaving” many a-time as I traversed back and forth from Walsh Field to the pool and back again over the past weekend!

The long awaited for State Tournament is now over and so is our summer in the sun! But alas, as I write this, we only have 40 weeks, give or take a day or two days until we will open again for the summer of 2010! So take that thought to heart and plan to join us at the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

This summer we had a lot of very long and full days. Adults in record numbers used our pool—whether to swim laps or come to a work-out or take adult lessons or bring their families or to train for our first-ever triathlon or to work-out together as we waited for the sun to come up! (This one is my favorite memory…what a good time all those pre-dawn work-outs were!) Yup, the Gaylord Pool this summer, was definitely “the place to be and not for kids only!”

It’ll take me a couple of weeks to gather all the total figures but the weather people already point out one big factor about our summer, it was cooler than it has been in many a summer! Thank goodness for our pool’s heaters! So stay tuned. I’ll pass on the totals as soon as I have added them all up!

If you had a season ticket and want to know your usage, give us a call and we’ll call you back. If you left something at the pool or think it is in our Lost and Found, either call and leave a message, stop down some evening or on a weekend when you have some time. Together we can check it out as I clean up before OLD MAN winter arrives! B-r-r-r-r-r….did I say that? Sorry my friends, I don’t mean to rush the seasons! So let us all enjoy the fall as we savor our Gaylord poolside memories! Thanks again everyone!

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