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We are now well into the “last days” of summer

August 27th, 2009

Wow! We are now well into the “last days” of the summer of 2009! Where has the summer gone?

Our summer always begins for me when the Gaylord Islanders have their annual Fish Fry in April. But now that day seems so long ago and I have already penciled into my datebook the new date. The Gaylord Islanders 2010 Fish Fry will be held on Good Friday, April 2nd, 2010.

It seems like it was sooooo long ago that we started putting together the 2009 Poolside View pamphlet, anticipating all the fun that was to come! But it wasn’t, and fun we are having down here and will continue to have right through Labor Day, September 7th when we will close our doors for the summer of 2009.

And it seems like soooo long ago since the state inspector showed up at our pool but it wasn’t; it was only two months ago. I am happy to report that all the changes he asked us to make— except for one that we are still working on—have been made!

It seems like ages ago that our parking lot looked like a garden sale, full of yet-to-be-planted flowers but now the gardens are done and beautiful. The pool staff had loads of compliments last weekend from those who came to our fair town to watch the baseball tournament!

And so, we hang onto our memories and begin to look to the future! This week at the pool, we posted our annual Looking Ahead to the Summer of 2010 Schedule. Ask for a copy when you are at the pool, please. While we look back fondly on our summer, we also begin to look ahead to next summer already. After all, the summer of 2010 is only 40 short weeks away! We must get busy! There is much to do!

As I write this, we are wrapping up lessons at our pool for the summer of 2009. Of course, like always, we had to say “no room” to some folks as they did not call us until early August to ask about taking lessons at our pool! It is so hard to say no when you know that these people realize the value of swimming lessons and want their children to take lessons at our pool.

Everyone can start planning to take lessons with us then because we will be back with another staff of talented instructors who are ready and eager to “share what they know.”

Come look us over! Bring along your sun-faded swimsuit and plan to take yet at least one more swim in the waters of the ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

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