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Our summer is coming to an end

August 20th, 2009

Our summer is coming to an end, but this summer we are not going into our “sunset days” quietly! We are going to go out with a BANG, by hosting the State Amateur Baseball Tournament right next door at Walsh Field! Lots of baseball, plenty of opportunities to take a swim in our awesome pool, burgers, more swimming, more baseball, visiting with friends, working together to be “hosts with the mostest.” Wow, what is not to love about this vision! Join in the fun! Come to the north end of town and look around!

Our 6 a.m. Early Riser class at the Gaylord Pool ends for this summer on Friday, August 28th. We will not be having this class the last full week that the pool is open in September. Thanks for participating and remember, we will be back just for all of you next summer. This year, we went from three or four participants each morning bright and early to 13 or 14 participants. Sometimes there were even more folks than this! It was wonderful to be able to start our busy days by working out and spending time with good friends! Thanks!

Our Pool Show title—“Welcome to Gaylord, the land of 10,000 jocks!”—seems so appropriate, especially now. Scott Agre approached me way back last winter at a high school basketball game about wanting to use our pool for a Triathlon that he was thinking of putting together!

Well, he and Jan hosted his dream of a Triathlon at our pool this last Sunday and although he was hoping for five or six teams to participate, 16 entered! It was amazingly fun! Gaylord is full of athletes and many came to participate! It was a very friendly two-hour competition.

Each team had three participants. The first participant swam 20 laps (1/2 mile), while the second participant got on their bike and rode for 12 miles. The third member of each team then ran three miles before crossing the finish line. It did not matter which team you were on, we all cheered exuberantly for each other. We were amazed at how well everyone did! I ask, “How would you have done?!? Which ‘leg’ of each team could you have done?”

So now you know what these folks were all doing at the pool bright and early on Sunday morning right after church services ended. First, we prayed, and then we played! What a great day! Scott and Jan and Tyler too, “thank-you” for thinking outside the box and coming up with another great way for a lot of us to use our ever-cool Gaylord Pool!

If you are missing anything that you might have worn to the pool, please stop down and check over our Lost and Found. I know that the PAWS group sells really neat Wolverine clothing and we have several of these items in our Lost and Found. Are we holding onto your clothing?

The pool show had lots of children bringing down basketballs and baseball items. We still have a whole pile of these items. Come and claim yours please! We can’t be the Land of 10,000 jocks if we don’t have our clothing to promote our teams nor the items to practice with!

Take the scenic drive through Gaylord and come past the pool. Our place looks great. Thank you, staff, for caring and for sharing. The flower beds are taken care of by about a dozen of our staff and this summer, they look the best they have in years! Our Sertoma recycling can wagon is almost plump full of cans already. Almost every day, a vehicle stops and tosses in another bag or two. For your caring efforts, the Gaylord Sertoma club and all of us at the pool say, Thanks to you! “With your help, we can do the future!”

And most importantly, our pool is still full of swimmers who are using our pool daily! Join them! With less than three weeks until Labor Day, the opportunities to swim down here are getting less and less. So grab your sun-faded swimsuit and head on down for a swim before the summer of 2009 goes into the history books! History…that is what we are making down here and we want all of you to be a part of our memories!

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