Statewide Adverstising

Wow, now that was a really great weekend of hometown fun!

August 13th, 2009

Don’t you all agree? EGG-stravaganza Days 2009 is now history and has S-U-C-C-E-S-S written all over it!

But now I ask all of you to put on your thinking caps and add your comments. We, the EGGstravaganza Committee, are meeting soon to review our weekend and start planning for 2010. So what would YOU like to say?

I know that for every successful event during this weekend that the pool was a part of, while we did a lot well, there are things we can tweak to make each event better.

So put your thinking cap on and send your suggestions my way. I will pass them on at our next brain-storming session! Call 237-2266 and let us know your thoughts!

Now one thing for sure is that the golden egg contest will go back to four weeks next year, rather than just four days. It was an idea, but I have decided I like stretching out your thinking time more! The Golden Egg has been found by the Knacke-Schultz posse.

There are two eggs yet to be found. There is another one that was hidden too but that one is missing from its hiding place. If you have it, bring it to the pool. It is a pullet egg size, bright pink colored, has a note inside and a number marked on the outside. (P.S. If the squirrels have it…it was in the park….I guess they will just never know what a truly special nut they have added to their pile somewhere!)

Our poolside show was a great kick-off event! All four bleachers were full of folks who came to watch our show. Thanks to Sertoma and the Forever Young group for providing us with opportunities to eat supper before, during and after our show!

And now, onto thoughts for next summer’s show when our theme will be: Around the World in 365 Days. During this show, we are going to highlight songs that tell about our year. You might get to see the Easter bunny or even Santa Claus might just make a poolside appearance!

And speaking of appearances, the mermaid has already lined up a car for next year’s parade! I lost count of how many folks asked me, “Where was our mermaid this weekend, especially during the parade!?!” Sorry folks, I just did not know, that a lot of you thought you’d be seeing the mermaid sooner or later! She’ll be there in “full tail” next year at EGGstravaganza 2010!

While the Minneapolis Aquatennial totes the fact that it provides the “10 best days of summer,” I have been saying this phrase a lot to refer to lessons given this week at our pool (This week might just go down weather-wise as the five best days of summer.) Mini Session #2′s weather is downright gorgeous for learning to swim in! Who would have predicted that summer-like weather would take so darn long to arrive this summer???

We have one more Super Saturday this coming Saturday, August 15th and then, our Super Saturdays are over until next summer.

Our Countdown is out on the front of our building. We are now down to single digits until Gaylord plays co-host to the State Baseball Tournament! Wow, I can hardly wait! Gaylord, let’s all get ready to show off our town as folks look all around! Gaylord hospitality and pride will kick into high gear! This is our chance to give a cheer and say to everyone as they arrive, “We are so very glad that you are here!” Let’s play ball!

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