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Nearly 80 youngsters in Eggstravaganza’s annual Pedal Pull event

August 13th, 2009

There were plenty of youngsters pedaling near the Gaylord City Park on Saturday. Nearly 80 boys and girls participated in the seventh annual Eggstravaganza Pedal Pull contest sponsored by Sibley Electric Inc. (SEI).

Lincoln Suedbeck, Beauen Harbarth and Travis Schmidt highlighted the list of Gaylord place winners. They each captured top honors in their respective age divisions. A total of eleven participants from Gaylord finished third or better in the competition.

Participants competed in eight different age groups. The youngest competitors were four years of age while the oldest boys and girls were eleven-years-old.

Top finishers in each age division earn the opportunity to compete in the State Pedal Pull meet to be held Saturday, September 12th at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.

The top three finishers in the 2009 Eggstravaganza Pedal Pull are listed below:

1st – Holly Otto, Arlington
2nd – Maleah Miller, Arlington
3rd – Owen Reid, Gaylord

1st – Lincoln Suedbeck, Gaylord
2nd – Ylijah Rendon, Winthrop
3rd – Noah Harbarth, Gaylord

1st – Alivia Strack, Arlington
2nd – Ryan Weber, Henderson
3rd – Hunter Sommer, Gaylord

1st – Beauen Harbarth, Gaylord
2nd – Katrina Vogel, Morgan
3rd – Mercedes Suedbeck, Gaylord

1st – Cole Weber, Montrose
2nd – Trevor Mackenthun, Arlington
3rd – Austin Schwartz, Green Isle

1st – Michael Crain, Winthrop
2nd – Alex Vazquez, Gaylord
3rd – Paul Schmidt, Gaylord

1st – Cody Voight, Arlington
2nd – Leighton Rose, Gaylord
3rd – Sierra Suedbeck, Gaylord

1st – Travis Schmidt, Gaylord
2nd – Kaitlyn Schauer, Glencoe
3rd – Dylan Mackenthun, Arlington

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