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It’s almost time to let the good times roll

July 30th, 2009

Gaylord, it’s almost time to let the good times roll right here in our fair town! Are you ready? Next weekend is our annual Gaylord EGGstravaganza celebration! Get ready for food, friends, fellowship and lots of fun!

All the action kicks off at our place, the ever-cool Gaylord Pool on Thursday night, August 6th with our Poolside Show, which this year is titled “Welcome to Gaylord, the land of 10,000 jocks!” Practices are now underway and we promise you a fun-filled night of poolside action! The 2010 Miss Gaylord candidates and the present royalty are going to be a part of our evening’s festivities! Plan now to come for supper and then our show!

Sertoma will be over in Walsh Field selling their tacos and the Forever Young Senior Citizens will also be out in front of our pool selling rootbeer floats! It all makes for a very fun night. Participate, please!

This year, our EGG HUNT is going to be four days rather than four weeks! The first clue will be right here in the Gaylord Hub next week. Then the second clue will be given out at the Gaylord Poolside Show. The third clue will be given out at the Fire Fighters’ Chicken Dinner on Friday night at 4 p.m. The fourth clue (if needed) will be given out at the Sunny-side Fitness Walk on Saturday morning, August 8th.

Folks, we all need to get more exercise. Join us now for our Sunny-side Up Fitness Walk on Saturday morning starting at 8 am. It’s a 5K and will go from the pool out to Lakeside Acres and back in again! Join us and jump-start your day, O.K.?

Now is the time to buy your EGGstravaganza button too. Not only will it pay for itself by getting you in to the EGG Breakfast, the Queen Coronation and the Saturday night dance — all free of charge, but it is a button that we should all be wearing with pride for the whole month of August as we host the state baseball tournament. It shows everyone right where Gaylord is.

I went to the Islander’s Baseball Board meeting last Saturday morning and left thinking thank goodness, the pool is right next door to Walsh Field. This tournament is going to be a three weekend event that I do not want to miss! The action is going to be amazing and I am not even talking about the 48 teams that will be coming to either our town or Arlington to play their games! I am talking about the Gaylord action to put this mega event on! Wow, this is going to be Gaylord working together to show teamwork in grand style!

We are now in the midst of session #3 of lessons and then we still have two full mini-sessions left! Don’t be left out. Make that call to us today and get your children on the road to becoming proficient swimmers.

Labor Day is not until September 7th this year. We are going to be open every day until then so as I type this, we still have 42 days left for lots of potential FUN IN THE SUN at the coolest of pools around — the ever-cool Gaylord Pool! Join us right here on the north side of town. Bring your swimsuit and take a plunge!

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