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It’s a mid-summer dream come true

July 16th, 2009

We are lucky enough to have an outdoor heated pool that is daily here waiting for you! Join us!

The Gaylord Sertoma Club has made and given us as a gift a new and very much needed lesson closet for on deck to store all our teaching supplies and lesson aids. It’s so beautiful, and made just for us. Stop on down and check it out!

Their second gift to us will be an on-going gift as we now have a can collecting wagon for aluminum. It will be parked right under the street light and in our parking lot, so please contribute your cans! Sertoma invites everyone to have their CAN-do attitude about our pool! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our town will have extra folks this week-end as Narcotics Anonymous is having their big weekend out at the POW WOW grounds. They are planning for 400 people so stay tuned! We at the Gaylord Pool await their arrival and wish them a grand weekend on the shores of Lake Titloe!

EGG-stra Special Town

The Gaylord Chamber has an EGGstavaganza committee that is now in the final stages of planning EGGstravaganza 2009. The dates are August 6-7-8.

We here at the pool are busy planning for our Thursday night Poolside Show and Saturday morning Fitness Walk. This year, our walk is dubbed the Sunny-side Up 5K! You should join us and get your exercise in on a day that will be filled with food, folks, and lots of fun!

Summer in Gaylord — with all this still ahead — can not be a bummer! Let’s participate! And in between, remember that your Gaylord Pool is on the scene waiting just for you to come and join us!

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