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New Auburn receives favorable bids for street project

June 4th, 2009

The City of New Auburn received favorable bids for their 2009 street improvement project.

In the bid open held Thursday morning at the City office, Wm. Mueller & Sons, Inc. of Hamburg was the apparent low bidder. Three bids were received. The other two bids were from Chard Tiling & Excavating, Inc. and GMH Asphalt Corporation.

The apparent low base bid, which consists of construction work on existing blacktop streets, was $569,442.78. That was $166,933.22 below the engineer’s estimate of $736,376, according to engineer Justin Black of SEH, Gaylord.

The apparent low alternate bid, which would involve surfacing previously designated gravel streets in the community, was $504,368.70. This is $121,267.30 below the engineer’s estimate of $625,636, according to Black.

If the City Council would choose to accept the base bid and alternate bid, it would cost $1,073,811.48, which is $288,400.52 or 21% below the engineer’s estimate of $1,362,012.

Black presented the bid tabulation at the June 2 City Council meeting. The Council scheduled an assessment hearing, to be held in late June. After the assessment hearing, the City Council will decide whether or not to accept or reject any bids.

If the City Council chooses to accept any bids, a preconstruction meeting with the contractor will likely be held in early July. The street construction project is scheduled for completion by November 13, Black said.

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