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Students warned of dangers from sleeper hold

February 12th, 2009

Sibley East Junior High and Senior High students, last week, were made aware of the dangers of administering a “sleeper hold”/choke hold on fellow students.

Senior High Principal Jim Amsden said that he was contacted by a parent who had heard this type of behavior was going on outside the school. “We felt it was serious enough to address all of the students about the potential dangers and that they should think twice about it,” Amsden explained.

All first hour teachers at Sibley East Senior High addressed this behavior with students last Wednesday. It was also discussed in Junior High School health classes. And, information about it was placed in the Senior High School announcements.

The sleeper hold/choke hold has led to student unconsciousness and in some cases, a loss of bodily function. According to the Wisconsin Medical Journal, this type of hold can have a lasting impact on a person’s voice, swallowing, breathing, mental capacity, neurological function, and may lead to death.

“I think it was a fairly isolated incident,” Amsden said. “We felt this would be the best way to make people aware of it. I think it is as good wake up call for some students.”

If the incidents had occurred on the school campus, it would lead to an immediate suspension of the individual(s) involved.

Amsden said that he is getting the impression that it is being done as a “play type activity,” rather than as an aggressive act, and that students are submitting to it and that it is general “horse play.” Amsden said that he has seen reports of students getting “high” from it.

Amsden encouraged anyone witnessing this type of activity to report the incident to the school.

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