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New Auburn will hold hearing on street project

January 15th, 2009

New Auburn residents may be facing a $1.666 million street improvement project this year.

The City of New Auburn will be holding a public hearing Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the City Hall, to consider making street improvements.

According to Engineer Justin Black of SEH in Gaylord, at the public hearing, he will provide a short presentation on the proposed street project. This will be followed by an opportunity for public comment.

Improvements are proposed on the following streets:
• Fourth Avenue, from Second Street to Third Street
• Fifth Avenue, from Second Street to Third Street
• Sixth Avenue, from Second Street to Seventh Street
• Seventh Avenue, from Trunk Highway 22 to approximately 100 feet south of Eighth Street
• Eighth Avenue, from Sixth Street to mid-bock between Seventh and Eighth Street
• Intersection of Eighth Avenue and Ninth Street
• Ninth Avenue, from First Street to Fifth Street
• Tenth Avenue, from Fourth Street to Fifth Street
• Second Street, from mid block between First Avenue and Second Avenue to Tenth Avenue
• Third Street, from Third Avenue to Tenth Avenue
• Fourth Street, from Sixth Avenue to Tenth Avenue
• Fifth Street, from Third Avenue to Tenth Avenue
• Sixth Street, from Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue
• Seventh Street, from Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue

Improvements will include seal coat, mill and overlay, reclaiming, complete reconstruction, bituminous paving of existing gravel surface street, installation of street drain tile, and miscellaneous items required to properly complete the improvements. Properties abutting such improvements will be assessed.

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