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New Auburn ordinance requires permits for all construction

June 12th, 2008

The City of New Auburn, earlier this month, adopted amendments to its building and land use regulations. The changes will take effect after publication of the legal notice in this week’s Gaylord Hub.

The amendment to the building and land use regulations will require all property owners/renters to secure a building permits from the City of New Auburn before building of any kind is begun. This includes erection of any buildings, erection of any exterior additions to existing buildings, moving in a building, building on skids, digging on the ground for the purpose of setting anything man-made on the ground permanently, all excavations, fences, decks, etc. of any size.

Permits will expire within 180 days of permit approval. If the building cannot be completed by the deadline, the permit holder must ask the City for an extension at no extra cost. One extension may be granted for a time period not to exceed 270 days.

New Auburn’s zoning administrator will be allowed to issue permits for “miscellaneous structures” and all other structures and uses after timely and proper application, but without prior approval of the City Planning Commission or the City Council, except as provided in subdivision 2 of the ordinance.

Permits for structures or uses that require a variance, conditional use permit, that are contingent upon an amendment to the district boundaries or to city zoning regulations, or if they require additional consideration, may require an application to the Planning Commissioner and City Council.

The ordinance further defines the lot area in square feet, lot, yard, area and height requirements for the single and two-family residential district, and commercial district.

The full ordinance can be viewed in the Public Notices.

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