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Lake Titloe cleanup efforts to be boosted by $475,000 in state bonding bill

April 10th, 2008

“Time to celebrate.” Those were the words of Lake Titloe Committee member Jim Swanson on Monday. He reported that the State of Minnesota approved a $475,000 bonding bill that includes projects designed to improve the water quality in Lake Titloe.

The bonding bill including cleanup efforts for the lake was sent to Governor Tim Pawlenty’s office last week. Representative Terry Morrow informed Swanson Monday that the bill was signed into law.

Swanson said there are two purposes Lake Titloe projects were included on this bonding bill. One is to redirect stormwater from the lake to the stormwater pond on the east side of Gaylord. This is being done in conjunction with the City’s street/utility project.

The second part of the Lake Titloe portion of the bill would provide funding for restoring wetlands within the lake’s watershed. According to Swanson, Sibley County residents can expect to see a lot of changes taking place in the cleanup of the watershed.

“Persistence and hard work has finally paid off,” Swanson said. “Representative Morrow and Senator [Kathy] Sheran have done a tremendous job of representing this area.”

Swanson also thanked everyone who attended the hearings in St. Paul, the hearings in Gaylord last fall, and to others who helped promote this bonding bill.

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