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Grant will fund two years of testing on Lake Titloe

March 27th, 2008

An $81,700 grant will help provide two years of water quality testing of Gaylord’s Lake Titloe.

Lake Titloe testing stationMinnesota State University, Mankato professor Bryce Hoppie and Trent Vorlicek, an MSU chemist, will be speaking about the testing process at an informational meeting Tuesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church. The public is invited.

According to Hoppie, the grant was obtained through the Clean Water Legacy, which is money set aside by the state and administered through the Pollution Control Agency. The grant will provide three testing stations for the length of the grant, at JD 18 northwest of Lake Titloe, County Ditch 18 on the west side of the lake, and the inflow will be tested from the northeast corner of the lake. See photo on page 10.

There will also be two testing sites in the lake, in the northwest and northeast corners.

Minnesota State University will also be contributing funding for the testing of the lake.

“Right now there is not enough information if Lake Titloe is able to support a fishable and swimmable lake,” Hoppie explained. The testing will involve the sediment, nutrients, and E.coli bacteria in the water.

The final report on the testing results will be completed Dec. 21, 2009. An interim report is due to the state at the end of 2008.

The grant will rely on area residents to watch the water transparency. A boat will also be borrowed from the area to obtain the test results.

Hoppie believes that this grant is a “good start.” The watershed deserves to have the attention, he said. “If we can figure out whether it is meeting standards, then there is help available, through more grants in St. Paul.” Those would be available through the Board of Water and Soil Resources, he said.

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