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January 17th, 2008

Two of the four Twin City TV stations last week ran short features on the enjoyment Twin City youngsters – and some oldsters – were having enjoying the snow.

It reminded this writer of the suggestion he has made several times to city council members:

“Let’s build a sliding hill for our youngsters.”

Here on the prairie, sliding, or sledding as some refer to floating down a snow-covered hill on sled, innertube or piece of cardboard, is a tough buy. There are few places to enjoy this winter fun.

With the mammoth street project and the mountains of dirt being removed from our streets, it would seem this would be a good time to look at the development of a sliding hill.

A chute onto Lake Titloe seems to be the most logical place for such a facility. Those trucks hauling street fill have to drop their load somewhere — the cost of loading, hauling etc. would be minimal.

When your writer was a “kid” Gaylord developed what it called a “toboggan slide” on the lake bank about 100 yards east of the former boat dock. Youngsters had a “ball” using sleds, skiis, toboggans and the aforementioned cardboard to race 100 yards or more out onto the lake. They enjoyed winter, the out-of-doors, the fresh air and their pals in a healthy activity.

The slide was unique for this flatland we call Sibley County

The idea has been presented to the city’s Park Committee and some City Council members. Almost without exception, the immediate response focused on reasons such a program could not be done, rather than ways it might be accomplished.

We would hope this negative attitude can be turned around. Let’s do something for the kids! If you are interested in helping bring this before the powers that be contact me at 237-2476. Maybe we can add to the community’s assets. and provide area youngsters with a
“mountain” of fun!

James E. Deis

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  1. RayHanson Says:

    I remember the tobagg slide onto Lake Titloe.
    I agree this would be a worthwhile project.


    Ray L. Hanson GHS class of 1966.

  2. Larry Says:

    I agree with James Deis and Ray Hanson. I was in Ray’s class and I too recall the slide in the park. Those were wonderful times and still remembered by those of us many years later.

    Give Gaylord’s kids of today the same memories.


    Larry Goodman Class of ’66′

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