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Northfield teacher wins Senate Dist. 25 seat

January 10th, 2008

Northfield teacher Kevin Dahle won a special state Senate District 25 election for the Democrats Thursday night.

He defeated Republican nominee, former State Rep. Ray Cox 6,802 to 5,225. Independence candidate Vance Norgaard received 298 votes.

The special election was held because long-time Republican Senator Tom Neuville of Northfield was appointed judge. District 25 includes eastern Sibley County. The precincts in Sibley County are Arlington, Arlington Township, Faxon Township, Green Isle, Green Isle Township, Henderson, Henderson Township, Jessenland Township, New Auburn, New Auburn Township, and Washington Lake Township.

Sibley County voters supported Cox over Dahle 390 to 316. Norgaard received 46 votes here.

Scott County voters also supported Cox, 1,028 to 761. Norgaard received 41 votes.

Dahle received overwhelming support in Rice County, by defeating Cox 4,260 to 2,401. Norgaard received 103 votes.

Dahle narrowly defeated Cox in Le Sueur County, 1,465 to 1,408. Norgaard received the support of 106 voters.

Sibley County had a 16.7% voter turnout. 752 ballots were cast here, according to the County Auditor’s Office. There were 4,486 persons registered as of 7 a.m. on election day. 10 registered on Election Day, and there were 17 absentee ballots cast.

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