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City of New Auburn will have more patrol this year

January 3rd, 2008

Sibley County Commissioners, last week, approved a contract between New Auburn and the Sibley County Sheriff’s Office to patrol an average of four and a half hours per week in the community. Under the contract, 234 hours of patrol will be provided during the year. The City of New Auburn will pay Sibley County $8,856.90.

According to New Auburn City Clerk Wendy Becker, this contract will provide more police protection in the community than there has been in the past. Becker said that the Sheriff’s Office will provide patrol at various times of the day. There have been concerns in the community about the increase in vandalism, she said.

Sheriff Bruce Ponath said that the patrol service will provide “extra attention to the community.” “In this contract they will pay for contract patrol service – spending patrol time in town,” he said. “Before, when deputies were in the area, they drove through, answered calls and kept the peace. This will be good for the City of New Auburn.”

Plans are for New Auburn’s City Council to re-evaluate the service in mid 2008, to determine whether or not to make changes to the contract or to keep it the same, Becker explained. This contract will also give New Auburn residents an opportunity to see the Sheriff’s Office at a different level, not just when they have been called for crimes or other emergencies, Becker said.

New Auburn is the fourth community that is under contract with the Sheriff’s Office for services. The Sheriff’s Office also has contracts with Green Isle, Winthrop, and Arlington. Green Isle’s contract is for an average of 20 hours of patrol per week. The Sheriff’s Office takes calls during the day for Winthrop, when there is not an officer on call. The service provided for Arlington is similar to Winthrop, but it also includes some patrol when students are arriving at school, Ponath said.

In other business, the County Commissioners:

• Approved participating in the statewide marriage data base index. This will allow people to determine where people applied for marriage licenses within the state. They will need to return to the county where the license was applied to obtain a certified copy, according to Recorder Kathy Dietz. The county’s cost for this service is $500 for signing up, and $250 annual maintenance fee.

• Approved two resolutions, seeking federal aid for two construction projects. The first project is for an erosion mitigation project along the CSAH 8 hill. According to Public Works Director Darin Mielke, this project would be for the 2012 construction season, if federal funding is awarded. Construction would include overlay, paving of shoulders, curb and gutter, storm sewer and ponding areas to reduce shoulder and ditch erosion and water quality/quantity issues.

The second project is for phase two of the Gaylord recreational trail. Gaylord will maintain the project and the city consultant, SEH Inc., prepared the application. Sibley County must be the project sponsor because the city’s population is less than 5,000, Mielke said.

• Renewed contracts between the Public Health Department and Activstyle, Minneapolis for supplies and equipment; MRCI, New Ulm for prevocational services; Golden Home Care, New Ulm for personal care attendant services and nursing services; and Espeland Van Services, Winnebago, for transportation services.

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