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Three charged for shutting off New Auburn’s water

August 16th, 2007

An 18-year-old Glencoe man, Gregory Ronald Brown, and two juveniles, are charged with damaging New Auburn’s water supply building and shutting off the city’s water supply on June 27.

Brown is charged with three counts. They are: damage to critical public service facilities, utilities and pipelines; third degree burglary; and first degree damage to property.

According to the complaint, Brown and the two juveniles entered the New Auburn water supply building by climbing onto the roof, removing the glass skylight, destroying two lights, and dropping into the building. Once inside, the parties re-positioned levers and shut off the water supply to the city.

Brown, upon being interviewed by law enforcement, admitted to the burglary and vandalism. According to the complaint, the city’s building received more than $500 damage.

The maximum penalty for the first charge is 10 years in jail, $20,000 fine or both. The maximum penalties for the burglary charge and damage to property charge are five years in jail, $10,000 fine or both.

There is a sign on the New Auburn utility building stating that tampering with the facility is a federal offense.

Brown is scheduled to appear in Sibley County Court Thursday.

Motions have been filed two certify the two juveniles as adults in this case, according to Donald Lannoye, Assistant Sibley County Attorney.

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