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August 9th, 2007

By Marilyn Olmanson

Willis and Rachel Anthony hosted a birthday party for Dotty Anthony on Friday, July 27th. Those present fpr dinner were: Carl and Lois Annexstad, Marshall and Janet Anthony, Carl and Susan Johnson, Evie and Earl Nelson, Fred and Joy Struck, and Don and Sally Taylor.

The Freundl family had a most wonderful reunion at Morehouse Park in Owatonna on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful location and weather. About sixty members attended, with Pam Kirsch and her son, Stephen coming from California

Darren and Laura Reid of Gaylord announce the arrival of their second child a daughter, who they have given the name of Liza Jane. Liza weighed in at 7 lbs 6 1/2 oz and was 19 1/2 in length. Bob and Sandy Reid are proud grandparents and Marvin and Shirley Thoele are proud great grandparents. This makes 17 great-grandchildren for Marvin and Shirley. Congratulations to all!

Monday afternoon Lorraine Hanson and Marilyn Olmanson were were guests of Rachel Anthony.

Lorraine Hanson has been a guest of Marilyn Olmanson while her husband is in Norway from July 27-August 14.

Happy Birthday to the following: Robert Widdifield, Bea Hanson, Bernie Theiman, Robert Johnson, Carl Moline, Ed Rundell, Jerry Burg, Dorothy Cain, Rose Marie Nickel. Carol Menk, Willard Johnson, Revae Nygard.

Happy anniversary to the following: Don and Chris Underwood, Oliver and Mary Compart, Fran and Marty Braunger, Ray and Dorothy Cain, Joseph and Mary Dobie, Paul and Vivki Johnson, Ed and Marilyn Rundell, Dick and Carol Myhra, Carl and Lois Annexstad Stan and Barb Hanson,.

The following answers are from a question asked The Monday Morning Friendship group last week The question being: What dumb thing has happened to you over the course of time?

I was sitting in our car waiting for my husband at the grocery store. I looked over and here he was putting the groceries in someone else’s car. And then trying to start it, and finding that the key wouldn’t fit in the ignition. So I went over to my husband and informed him that he had the wrong car!

I lost my balance and put my hand on a evergreen bush and found out that the bush had a bee hive in it. Oh! My! What a surprise!

I dreamed that I saw one-hundred mice all over the house!

I was preparing a lite meal for unexpected guests. I heated up water and left it to boil some macaroni and then found out that there was no macaroni! So instead I made coffee with the water. For some reason the coffee caused some excitement!

I know someone who was watering my daughter’s flowers while she was gone, and eventually a vine began to tip over because it was plastic!

I know someone who was making turkey soup with her granddaughter and decided she had time to wash her hair. Well, she wore hearing aids. She laid them down near the turkey meat and when it was time to put the meat in the soup, scooped up the turkey and the hearing aids and put them both in the soup! I hear the hearing aid man say he had never heard that story before!

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