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Norseland – New Sweden News

June 28th, 2007

By Marilyn Olmanson

Ben Rieger, son of Scott and Bonnie Rieger of Norseland graduated from the University of Minnesota Minneapolis on May 15th with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Ben is employed at Scholarship America in St. Peter as a System’s Administrator. Ben is the grandson of Willard and Marilyn Bjorklund of St. Peter.

Bring on the carpenters! Lyle Abraham of Texas, Bruce Abraham of Mankato, and Barney Anderson helped rebuild all of the panels on the bins at Lola Fruendl’s. What a great bunch of guys!!

Scott and Bonnie Rieger had a lawn party for 50 in honor of their son Ben’s graduation.

Bea Hanson of Mesa, AZ, who had visited for 5 weeks with her sister Marilyn and husband Duane Olmanson, returned to her home last week. She also visited her brother Bernie while here, and many friends in New Ulm. Ron and Doris Rollefson of Ward, SD, and Kathleen Hanson and Lorraine Hanson of Northfield also came to visit her here.

Margie Gray of Kingman, IN visited her sister Marie Gran for three days last week.

Floyd and Signe Tungsvik and Byron and Sandy Tungsvik of Mankato drove to Roseville and took in the graduation reception for Natalile Tungsvik, daughter of Bob and Susan Tungsvik, at her home. Lowell and Arlene Gunderson and John, Lorna and Kristen Tungsvik of rural Courtland also took in the occasion.

Bea Hanson of Mesa, AZ, Grety Davis of LaCrosse, WI, and Duane and Marilyn Olmanson took Wyatt Davis to Red Lobster for his 13th birthday on June 11th.

A week ago Saturday Floyd Tungsvik and Lorraine Struck were among those who took the bus to the State Capitol to see the World War II Memorial.

On May 19th, a bridal shower was held for Crystal Flugge and Matthew Norell at Scandian Grove Fellowship Hall. A dessert luncheon was served to the guests present. Hostesses for the event were: Gail Norell, Joanne Norell, Jill Norell, Marci Norell, Rhonda Hermanson, Vickie Hermanson, Janet Allerson, Laurie Webster, Arlene Gunderson, Julie Olsen, and Ann Eckberg. Matthew and Crystal were married Saturday June 23rd. Congratulations to to them!

On May 29th Don and Laurie Webster attended the graduation and reception for granddaughter Ashley Webster, daughter of Gregg and Monica Webster of Hillsboro, ND. On Saturday they attended a music recital for Ashley in which she played bassoon. She is also an honor student.

On Sunday afternoon David Luepke, son of John and Lorna Luepke, graduated from Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School. His parents held a reception in his honor following the graduation. His plans are to go to Southwest State in Marshall and get a degree in Agri Business Accounting. Floyd, Signe and Kevin Tungsvik and Lowell and Arlene Gunderson took in the occasion.

Saturday afternoon, the Rev. Deb Hanson of Grand Forks, ND, and Sheldon, Trish, and Zackary Cohen of Silver Spring, MD and Bernie Hanson of Norwood were visitors of Duane and Marilyn Olmanson. Rev. Hanson is the daughter of Lorraine Hanson of Northfield, and Trish is the daughter of Bernie Hanson. Trisha and her family are soon leaving for Indonesia for three years.

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