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Norseland – New Sweden News correspondent returns to writing

May 10th, 2007

By Marilyn Olmanson

Starting today, May 10th, Marilyn Olmanson is starting a new lease on life. On April 16th she came home after 8 months of being in the hospital/nursing home, for 5 major surgeries related to a total hip replacement and a broken leg. Everything imaginable happened to Marilyn in this length of time and caused many set backs. Marilyn names the Lord, her husband, children, brother, sisters. pastor, many relatives, friends and new friends for her continued healing.

Now, with your help, Marilyn would like to gradually work back into the Norseland/New Sweden and surrounding area news columns, which she began 27 years ago at The St. Peter Herald, and progressing to the Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger and The Gaylord Hub. She can be contacted at dmlilac@prairie.lakes. com or 507-246-5015 or 42347 County Road 15, St. Peter, MN 50862.

This week’s news–
Amanda Patricia Johnson, daughter of Dan and Emily Johnson of New Sweden was confirmed at the Norseland Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 29th, by the Rev. Craig Ferkenstad. Sponsors for Amanda Patricia are Mr. and Mrs. Mark Faugstad, Amanda’s Bible verse is Galatians 3:26-27. Dinner guests following the service at the parental home were for: grandparents Ted and Patty Obregon of East Grand Forks, and Allen and Julie Quist of Norseland; and family, sponsors and their children.

Antonia Madeleine Langr, daughter of John and Solveig Langr of New Sweden, was confirmed at the Norseland Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 29th by the Rev. Craig Ferkenstad. Tony’s sponsors are the Rev. Pat and Jane Kahnke, Erik Olsen and Rebecca Klaeui. Tony’s Bible verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9. An open house reception was held in Tony’s honor with the following present: grandparents, Bernard and Grace Langr of Mankato; and Julian and LaVonne Olsen of New Sweden; Rev. Pat and Kahnke and 2 children of St. Paul; Erik and Sarah Olsen of Mountain Lake; Glenn and Hope Annexstad, and Rev Craig and Teresa Ferkenstad of Norseland; Peter Langr, Kris Titch and daughter Sophia. Tony’s uncle Erik made the delicious gourmet cheesecake for her.

Ty and Val Landon’s son Wilton “Wink” Allen Landon was confirmed on Sunday, April 29th at the Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church with the Rev. Craig Ferkenstad officiating. Wink’s Bible verse is Acts 16:31. Wink’s brother, Leslie (Les) Delmont Landon, also was confirmed that day by the Rev. Ferkenstad. Les’ Bible verse is Colossians 3:2. Guests for their open house were: grandmother, Beatrice Enter, Harland, Cheryl, Gretta, and Chellsea Nelson; Kurt and Brigette LeDell; Eric and Kelly Nelson; Shelly Martini; Cindy Kostecky; Janet Tollefson; Jim and Kathy Flanz; Harley Sevde and the Rev. Craig and Teresa Ferkenstad.

On Tuesday, May 1st, Arlyn and Carol Strege of Auburn, WA., and United States travelers arrived at the home of their brother and sister-in-law Duane and Marilyn Olmanson with their 60 ft. coach and pick-up pulled behind. They spend the summers in Washington and Wanda and Marv Berke and family in Illinois. Thursday evening the Olmansons hosted the Olmanson clan at a potluck supper at their home. On Saturday the Streges will be on their way to visit the Ron Rollefsons in South Dakota.

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