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Norseland – New Sweden News

January 4th, 2007

By Marilyn Olmanson

On Dec. 30th a group of relatives came to visit Marilyn Olmanson at the Community Hospital in St.Peter, to celebrate her birthday and the holiday season. They came from Illinois Maryland and Minnesota.

On Dec. 17, thirty years of marriage was celebrated by friends Wally and Caroline Reckdahl of Gaylord, Neil and Lorraine Mielke of Arlington, Delroy and Kathy Bierstedt of Gaylord, Lowell and Lois Grams of Gaylord, and Mel and Linda Meyer of New Sweden, with a memorable limo ride to Dangerfield’s Supper Club in Shakopee for dinner. After dinner, a tour of Christmas lights in downtown Chaska, Baylor Park, and the Barthalomew farm was taken. The evening ended with a gift exchange game and dessert at the Reckdahl home. For 30 years these couples, all married in 1976, have celebrated a summer picnic and a Christmas party in the winter.

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